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Who I am and what’s the story of Six Words?
I tell that story in this short TEDx talk.

Kind words from teachers, company leaders, and Oprah…

“Larry Smith is on a quest to spark creativity in aspiring writers.”
—Oprah Magazine (read the full story in O Mag)

“It’s incredible what Larry Smith can do to connect and energize a team in just a few hours. Larry’s six-word tool helped us get to know each in new, surprising, and inspiring ways. His unique approach had us buzzing, laughing, and bonded.”
—Allison Dew, Chief Marketing Officer, Dell Technologies ‘

“The day I taught Six-Word Memoirs was the day my students came alive. Finally, being free to not only write long narratives helped them to discover the essence of themselves and the heart of their writing.”

—Candra McKenzie, English and ESL NYC public school teacher and host of the podcast, HallPassBreak

“Perhaps the greatest gift Larry imparted during his time with our school was that students felt their stories were important. He not only gave hundreds of kids a voice that day, he also gave them an ear. He listened to them. He celebrated them. He had photos taken of them with their memoirs. He published their writing. He gave students a way to be heard, and readers a chance to hear.”
—Sarah Bunger, Latin School of Chicago, IL

“Six-Word Memoirs bring out the best in my students. They are able to showcase their creativity and personal experience in a humorous, fun-loving way, but may also choose to display deeper, more complex emotions if they so choose.”
—Sarah Nguyen, Sixth grade English teacher, High Point Academy in Pasadena, California